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Acadien Gallery

Le Derangement des Acadiens, The Acadian Exile

These paintings are a selection from a series that chronicle the Acadians exile from Nova Scotia, their subsequent wanderings, and their migration to and settlement of Louisiana.


  Covington Murals Gallery
Robert Dafford's Covington flood wall murals, Northern Kentucky's
In addition to the Roebling Murals at the Covington Riverfront, Dafford has floodwall mural projects in Camden, New Jersey; Vicksburg, Mississippi; and Paducah, Maysville and Catlettsburg in Kentucky.

  Horizon Murals Gallery
The "Flying Violin" Series, Titled "Horizon"
The "Flying Violin" series, titled "Horizon", includes pieces in the United States, Canada, France, and Belgium. Each contains elements of landscape features in the region in which it is painted, as well as a violin flying out of the wall.

  Paducah Murals Gallery
Paducah’s rich history in paintings on the city’s floodwall overlooking the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Paducah Wall to Wall
The Paducah Wall to Wall Floodwall Mural Project is now going on its tenth year. There are 41 completed images, with another 7 planned for the 2005 painting season. 

  Portsmouth Murals Gallery
Scenic Byway Portsmouth Murals
These murals portray the history of Portsmouth, Ohio from the mound building Indians to the present day, and use a 20ft. high, 2000 ft. long floodwall as a canvas.

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