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The "Flying Violin" series, titled "Horizon", includes pieces in the United States, Canada, France, and Belgium. Each contains elements of landscape features in the region in which it is painted, as well as a violin flying out of the wall. The combination symbolizes the power of music in overcoming barriers, as well as the growth in the popularity and appreciation of the Cajun music of Louisiana.The murals are located in: Suresnes, France Ste. Florinne, France Jodiogne, Belgium Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Robert Dafford’s “Flying Violin” Mural Dedicated


Left to right: Jack Russo, President of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited (DLU), Robert Dafford, Mural Artist, Joey Durel LCG Mayor-President, Cathy Webre, Ex Dir DLU, Michele Constantin, Pres Festival International. Musicians Chris Stafford and Philippe Billeaudeaux.



The "Flying Violin" Series, Titled "Horizon"


Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Location: Suresnes France


Location: Ashy Building,
Vermillion St.Lafayette,
Louisiana, U.S.A.





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